webmaster network October 10th news, October 8th news Tianji media group’s 52pk games web site can not access the domain name in the parking state. More news spread 52pk game network domain name last renewal time is October 7, 2012, but the Registrar by Chongqing Tianji Network Limited company has become the Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd., domain name expires is not normal renewals has been Beijing registered.

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then issued a statement saying that the official 52pk browsing failure has been resolved, 52pk game network full recovery. The 52pk.com domain name still belongs to the Chongqing New York Network Ltd. holds, the expiration time for the 2022, not the network spread of the new network is registered. The network spread of the new network domain name registration "untrue news reports. This industry and friends to discuss opinions. Stationmaster net editor thinks 52pk domain name was parked, should belong to the website mistakes forgot to renew by. The new network as the domain name service provider, has an obligation to remind the expired renewals. If not timely reminder or remind the domain owner is not concerned, nor has the right of the domain name cybersquatting. After the expiration of the 52pk domain name to show all of the new network, it should be a new network to make a protective measure. After the problem was discovered, 52pk contact renewals, fortunately not a forgotten renew the domain name registered by others.

was founded in 2002 as a senior game site, it should not be due not to renew the domain name. While the Internet at home and abroad there have been similar to the Microsoft hotmail.com domain name renewal forget typical case. There are even some websites and "change" because the domain name not on illegal pornography charges. Domain name as the entrance of the website is the key factor of the website brand. As a small webmaster, maintain the website brand image, protect the domain name assets is also very important thing. Due to the timely renewal website domain name is registered, if the brand has formed and registered trademarks, although it can be retrieved through legal means. However, the domain name arbitration failure and loss of domain name cases are also common. As a personal webmaster, should be timely domain renewal work, and registration or purchase website brand related domain name, it is helpful for the establishment of website brand and long-term development. (text / Yang Yang)