now women entrepreneurship has become very common, and there are a lot of women entrepreneurs have also embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, in life there are many investment opportunities for women to choose, let’s look at what?


the coin operated washing machine, dry cleaning machine, washing process by the consumers themselves, plus 1 hours of washing drying, convenient, fast, health, suitable for college near the hospital, residents concentrated residential areas, densely populated areas such as hotels, open. The project in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States and other developed countries has been very popular, but in the country has just started, so the prospects are very broad. Initial purchase of equipment, hire facade start-up funds need 200 thousand yuan.


family trust

breakfast food

Doufufang bean

is indispensable in people’s daily diet, so Doufufang have great market space. Investment of 30 thousand yuan, rent a room of a square meter of 30 square meters, the acquisition of the corresponding equipment. Requirements of raw materials hygiene, good production environment, the implementation of sunshine operation.


Children Center for entrepreneurial projectsSuitable for

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