in a large number of investment projects, the dry cleaners have been high profits and high returns to attract the attention of entrepreneurs, but the popular project competitiveness, not necessarily on behalf of the return on investment. Many dry cleaners investment investment are operating in the face of the slump, the key factors restricting the effect how you run your business model is valid, then runs a dry cleaning shop to do to increase profits.

first, dry cleaners to join the industry profit analysis

according to UCC International Laundry franchisee estimates, dry cleaners high profit margins, the average gross profit margin of more than 80%, which is compared to the retail industry, the catering industry, 30%, a few times higher than the number of times. For example, cleaning clothes charges 10-20 yuan, while the material costs less than 2.5 yuan, the labor cost is very low, wash clothes cost unchanged, little material cost increases, but the fees can increase 10-20 yuan. Coupled with the dry cleaners and other business and group business profits, dry cleaners can get profit is immeasurable.

two, joined the dry cleaners how to improve profits?

1, starting from the investment

dry cleaners to make money, you have to start from the investment mode, there is no doubt that the franchise chain is currently the most ideal investment. Dry cleaners to join the UCC International Laundry such well-known brands, not only with the support of the brand, less detours, spend less money, but also with the brand influence and visibility quickly open the market. Whether it is in order to improve the success rate of shop, or in order to clean the long-term development of the store, joined the chain is the ideal way to invest.

2, from marketing to start

we all know that this is an era of information explosion, investment shops do a good job marketing publicity is very important. For dry cleaning industry investors, not only to learn to use the brand influence and visibility, but also learn to use a variety of platforms and channels for their own publicity. A full range of marketing campaigns, warm and thoughtful customer service, high-quality green washing quality, is to attract consumers and retain the three fundamental consumer.

3, starting from the competitive mode

dry cleaning industry is characterized by low cost, low risk and high profit, which attracts more and more investors to set up shop. Investors entrepreneurship shop, in addition to trying to do their own thing, but also always concerned about the industry dynamics and competitors. Pay attention to the industry dynamics is to promptly adjust business strategy, pay attention to competitors in order to constantly improve themselves, both can improve the dry cleaners profit.