compared with the store, the shop has a lot of advantages, which has become a lot of people will choose the way of entrepreneurship. With online shopping more and more people’s recognition and attention, many people are going to Taobao in the shop, shop early, will encounter many problems, is the five major "stumbling block" the most obvious: Shop reputation, baby photo processing, shop decoration, recommendation and evil take problem, then, how to deal with these problems.?

the first stumbling block:

store credit problems

The so-called

reputation, we can understand that in this way, the prestige is brought to new buyers to see your past transaction is honest, in fact, the heart of the 1 2 Taobao sellers may not be better than the diamond seller reputation is poor, but many people still choose diamond seller. This is the mentality of buyers, so we must seize this problem, shop in the beginning, you should put the credibility of the shop quickly improved, baby quality to pass, better service attitude, so that we can win the recognition of buyers.

second "stumbling block": baby pictures high repetition rate

this problem can not be avoided, Taobao can be said to be a collection of all kinds of businesses, so naturally sell similar products are also a lot of peers, resulting in high repetition rate baby pictures. Imagine in the DV, buyers points your baby why? So the character of baby pictures can be said more favorable than the price advantage, here it is necessary to test the PS technology, may only bring more opportunities than other stores can be a beautiful frame for you oh, as long as the heart, can stand head and shoulders above others effect.

third "stumbling block":

decoration shop

this problem is a simple decoration or a commonplace talk of an old scholar, necessary, after all the store not too monotonous, creative, personalized decoration is definitely the first choice.

in addition to talk about space music, a lot of Taobao sellers love songs set in their own store, the original no ground for blame there is a problem, however, is that once the point about the classification of bar songs to start all over again, each point of time will be so, back and forth, to tell the truth, a little patience a good customer, will certainly be bored, then close your link.

Fourth "stumbling block": the


a lot of friends did not notice the importance of the recommended position, so now can tell you, the recommended position on the sale of goods, or let the buyer to see the chance, much higher than the ordinary commodity. Because most of the time, Taobao search keywords to enter the page, the buyer is very easy to look at the recommended baby and popular baby, popular treasure