has the ability to self-reliance in even when we are young, so a lot of time does not depend on others, but with the increasing age, the problem appeared a lot of elderly life, then the advent of professional pension institutions is very necessary. Recently, the China Association for social welfare and pension services inspection, the city’s first social welfare institute to become the first national pension service institutions in Nanchong standardization pilot project acceptance of the pension institutions.

, the first social welfare institute is mainly responsible for the city’s urban solitary entitled groups, three " " elderly adoption, medical treatment and nursing care, rehabilitation and social work, providing the service for the society and dementia disability and other difficulties in life of elderly people. The 16 day, the reporter saw in the first social welfare maintenance area, the elderly bedroom beds, chairs, appliances and so neatly, the room also installed a smoke alarm, laying the toilet mat, outside the room is provided with a barrier free arm.

although the room area is not large, but the function is complete, once the old room fire, the staff can take timely remedial measures. These devices are based on the standardization of the construction of our pension service standards." The first city social welfare institute responsible person said, in March this year, the hospital declared the standardization construction of pilot national pension services to social welfare China and Pension Services Association, through nearly a year of construction, the orphanage has been greatly improved in the standardization of pension services.

control standard, the welfare invested more than 500 yuan, a comprehensive update of the indoor and outdoor facilities, with tables and chairs, cabinets and living facilities, renovation of doors and windows and water, electricity and gas equipment, smoke alarms and other fire-fighting facilities, for the welfare of the environment greening, landscaping, lighting, creating a comfortable living environment for the elderly.

in your life if you step into the ranks of the elderly population, want to get better protection of their own old age, the choice of professional pension institutions is very necessary. Nanchong built the first national standard pension institutions, the hospital is refined for the elderly daily life, psychological nursing, medical rehabilitation, logistics and other more than and 400 standard procedures, small to disabled elderly dementia details turn, scrub, massage and other life to the welfare of the elderly to carry out rehabilitation projects, in accordance with the standard operation.

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