partner selection is correct or not, will affect the development of our future career, so if you want to success, also need to pay more attention to the partner of choice above, we choose to truly fit for venture investment partners, those who do not fit the partner we need to stay away from. So, who can’t be a partner?

money is not a partner who does not work, we can politely call such investors. Investors have to flaunt themselves very noble: to help entrepreneurs realize the ideal. In fact, no matter what they never care about is ideal, when they can earn money, if expected to earn money, but also to find ways to create profitable prospects, allows another investor to take over, as long as the money.

investors sometimes confused, entrepreneurs can not see the direction of the project, but the feeling of the project has great potential to face the market, decided to start investing. In fact, they are often even business links are not understand, no one can understand the link, but as a "rational" investors, how to find a reliable local project, otherwise it is not "rational", so they can only vote for someone you know, then we said: the most critical team.

entrepreneurs at the beginning of the project, for gospel truth, hurry up to pull people occupation team, and then facing the selfish nature and human foibles, in fact, investors say is scorched by the flames, to vote for his own understanding of the people.

those who only occasionally make a idea of who are not partners, we need him to participate, to jointly promote the. The world has never been short of ideas, such as strategic thinking about the direction, the idea of the implementation of the operation, but the people who can implement the strategic ideas are missing.

rely on their own resources and capabilities, people who want to gain benefits in a short time is not a partner. More often, they are only able to judge where their resources and capabilities can be implemented at a faster, higher premium.

some people have money, do not care about venture capital, but this may be all of your efforts, so that for the kind of investment, occasionally take an idea but not the action of the partner, in fact, is not desirable. In short, if you want to start a successful partnership, select partners naturally need to be cautious.