in the catering sector, with many stores brand enterprise, one is not profitable this is very normal, but now there is such a brand catering enterprises, has more than and 300 outlets do make money, this is a what kind of food prices? Recently, the reporter interviewed the Beijing weiduomei Food limited liability company chairman Huang Li the founder of this enterprise, he has 20 years of continuous development, source of power upgrade: create 20 years to gain, always stand in the forefront of the industry and product attitude, to achieve the world’s top

he opened 280 stores in a city and each family profit

pattern: 20 years, peers can not go beyond the model

good beginning is half the success, how beautiful is this. Huang Li said, weiduomei created 20 years, the most important is to create the initial moment. It was May 1996, they in Beijing’s first store – Fuchengmen opened, "Baker, baking, transparent window field on-site production" mode of operation, once launched immediately burst of red. Consumers show a strong interest and welcome, many customers queuing outside the store to watch.

at that time, Beijing is also not a shop to do so, this mode of operation was led for 20 years. Until now, this model is still the mainstream of the industry, even in the future, bakery will continue to use, its advanced nature can be described as has been imitated, never surpassed".

but Huang Li believes that the business model is only one aspect of success, his most valued is the business philosophy, and even that business philosophy is more important than the business model. The idea that it is actually very simple, Huang Li said: "I am a baker, I focus on products, bakery products is the most important." It is such a concept, let weiduomei 20 years adhere to do two things: one is to choose the most high-quality raw materials; two is the good intentions of products, never change.

Management: 350+ shop, every family to make money secret

at present, weiduomei in the country has more than and 350 outlets, the overall marketing sales in 2015 reached ten billion, there are about 100000 people to shop every day. From the beginning of 2015, how beautiful the growth rate of more than 19 years ago, is now growing at speed new stores every Monday. They set themselves the goal is to double the number of stores in 2018, more than 600.

Huang Li believes that only the Beijing market there are a lot of room for development, the future, how beautiful this brand can be developed to more than and 500. In addition, Beijing surrounding the market open two hundred or three hundred is no problem. Of course, Shanghai, cities across the country, they will continue to enter.