in the next five years, many changes occur, the entire domestic market and society will be at the same time, there are a lot of people will walk on the road of entrepreneurship and shop, in the next five years will also have some of the more profitable projects, let’s look at what.

"everyday parity" WAL-MART is the first fortune 500, founder Ryuta Masakae to go the cheap fashion line UNIQLO also became the richest man in Japan in japanese. In China, a populous country, between the high quality and high price of traditional stores and no quality assurance, no brand of wholesale market, just between the middle-income consumer.

in the store, 85 degrees C parity strategy let consumer groups to be extended down, closer to the public life, compared with Starbucks at the "atmosphere of experience" in the market of high consumption crowd, 85 degree C service object is no longer limited to college or city white-collar workers, retirees, junior high school students and ordinary workers have enough the ability of C to 85 degrees of consumption. In the Taiwan area, 85 C is the only way to beat the Starbucks chain coffee shop, shop number and turnover are far better than Starbucks, is by virtue of the low price strategy and location selection of amiable and easy of approach.

The elderly