with the enhancement of people’s health awareness, water purifiers have become hot products, investment potential. A lot of friends want to open water purifier shop, would like to open a shop to find the right position, then, how to open the water purifier store location? The following small series to introduce you!

1, central business district. In every city has a central business district, where shops, boutique collection, the formation of a certain scale of pure commercial blocks. In the central business district (often with some one or several department stores) as the core, surrounded by scattered in small shops. The premium is high in the area, and the customers have large liquidity. Many businesses operating in selective commodity based food store is only in the central business district of foil. Central business district is generally located in the heart of the city, and has a long history.

2, non central business district. A non central business district is a commercial district that is located in a non central location of the city. Have sanwushi shop, often to a large store as the core, regardless of size, the bustling commercial district, the number of outlets are inferior to the central business district, venue rental greatly cheaper on the central business district, shops per square metre of profits is greatly reduced.

3, residential business district. Residential commercial area is in the vicinity of the store street, is the supply of goods for the nearby residents of the commercial center. There is often a medium-sized general store, with twenty or thirty daily supply as groceries, food service shop. The scope of supply of residential commercial area in general about thirty thousand people, mostly located in the center of a residential area, it is just a foil of residential areas, with the distinctive feature of life.

the correct location, is half the success, so shop before the first location. Open water purifier store, the site is also very critical, these are open water purifier store notes, I hope to open the water purifier store friends help, I wish you an early success.