after a hot summer, after a short fall, the cold winter came again, so the air conditioning began to come in handy, began to be a warm welcome. Now more and more people use air-conditioning, air-conditioning market is also growing. Today, many brands of air-conditioning market, air conditioning which brand good? This makes a lot of people scratching their heads; but it is worth noting that the ten brands are good brands. Below, let us according to the air conditioning ten brand list to determine the brand you want.

air conditioning ten brands list first: GREE

air conditioning which brand is good? Air conditioning is made by GREE; GREE air visibility is very high, only a short while ago, GREE air-conditioning is synonymous with excellent air conditioning products such praise, what brand of air conditioning can be compared.

air conditioning ten brands list: Haier

air conditioning which brand is good? Haier in China has reached the point of the town talk, known to every family, the high visibility is not more than the number of air-conditioning brand; famous Haier, not by propaganda, is the magic weapon to win the Haier high quality.

air conditioning ten brands list of the top third: the United States

Midea Group

founded in 1968, is a household electrical appliance industry, the logistics involved in the field of large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group, owns three listed companies, four industry groups, is one of the white appliance production base and export base of the largest Chinese. 1980, the United States formally entered the home appliance industry.

air conditioning ten brands list fourth: CHIGO

air conditioning which brand is good? Chigo Air conditioning also has a very high visibility; Chigo Air conditioning sales network all over the country is very wide, many city wide sales network, to ensure a large number of sales of CHIGO products.

air conditioning ten brands list: Panasonic


Panasonic Chinese "Panasonic" (called the early National, beginning in 1986 gradually changed to Panasonic, 2008.10.1, all of the unified Panasonic) venture by Panasonic Japan Corporation since 1918 Konosuke Matsushita; development of brand products related to home appliances, electronics, digital audio-visual products office.

air conditioning ten brands list: AUX

air conditioning which brand is good? AUX group has experienced more than 20 years of history, made a leap 100>