not only to do business with all types of customers to deal with, but also with a variety of bills to deal with, if you encounter a hundred dollars bills, naturally do need to pay attention when doing business. Zhang Shu is my neighbor, is also my old customers, usually like to drink a little wine. In recent years, he almost every day over the next day to take care of me a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of Luzhou. Daily necessities, mostly choose to buy in my store.

day, Zhang uncle may be a bit tipsy, pulled out a hundred dollar bill, bought a pack of cigarettes, I find him money, he took the money, thoughtfully, straight mouth right, also searched his pocket, I asked, Zhang uncle hurriedly took out all hundred dollar bills, carefully counted it, that is when there is four piece of one hundred, just bought a cigarette, but also the three Zhang, how now only two Zhang, he said I looked almost a suspicion: "it is not just to you when there is a overlap?"

I was not beyond dispute, third people present, I say it clearly? It is a half new, how could overlap? Fortunately, he did not go, I saw the money easily thrown into the box.

I usually develop a habit, the customer is gone, I will take one hundred away, some people do not consciously prevent shoplifting, so usually only have LingChao inside the box. I immediately put the box open to his own view, he can see there’s only a one hundred. But he was still skeptical, looked very helpless go.

I thought it was a thing of the past, but from that incident, Zhang has never come to my shop to buy things. Every time after a detour from my shop, go around in front of the shop to buy something. When he was carrying it from my home in Luzhou after, I was not the taste. In order to win back the old customer Zhang uncle, as soon as I see Uncle Zhang after, smile greeted him, after all the way home, the cigarette is a never fake, Zhang uncle bought a few years of smoke in my shop, he is also very clear, not once bought a fake. After, Zhang uncle chose to go back to my shop.

still remember clearly, the shop in the first year, a friend next door, one day took a 100 to buy cigarettes, I feel shy to see money, directly thrown into the box to go inside, until the next customer payment, open the box, I found that one hundred is fake.

everyone knows that money is needed to see, after not passing, I know the money is next to, but I couldn’t find a reason to look for him, they are my old customers, generally choose to buy necessities in my shop, who told me he had not checked. In order to retain old customers, I have to pretend to be ignorant, they were in silence.