first_imgSpeaking in the Brexit debate on Monday, Lisa Nandy told the Commons that she had seen a “hardening” of attitudes towards Brexit – both among her constituents and MPs.“Constituents of mine who told me three years ago that they’d voted Leave, and they were happy to leave on whatever terms parliament deemed necessary as long as we respected the result, are now telling me daily they want to cut all ties and leave with no deal at all.“Constituents who voted to Remain, who said that we’d had the debate and the other side had won fair and square and we just had to get on with it, are now telling me they want to halt this process altogether and remain in the EU.“And I have to say that having spent a lot of time with colleagues trying to find a way through this, in here and behind the scenes, I feel exactly the same thing is happening in parliament as well.“And if we don’t start to move, they won’t start to move, and there is absolutely no prospect of repairing this country.”Unlike Gareth Snell, another ‘inbetweener’ Labour MP who campaigned to Remain but represents a Leave seat, Nandy welcomed the amendment by Oliver Letwin for ‘indicative votes’ – which passed by a majority of 27 on Monday night.Although Nandy had indicated at various times over the last few months that she would consider voting for Theresa May’s deal, she often noted that the Prime Minister had not made contact, instead preferring to pander to hard Brexiteers in the Conservative Party.The Labour MP for Wigan was also disappointed with the attempt at “bribery” in the form of a ‘Stronger Towns’ fund, and most recently by the Prime Minister’s statement last week in which she tried to “pit parliament against the people”.Towards the end of her speech, Nandy spoke passionately about the prospect of ‘no deal’ in response to minister Chris Heaton-Harris who was apparently rolling his eyes and heckling.Tags:Lisa Nandy /Brexit /Brexit debate /no deal /last_img