university time is free, fall in love, get a scholarship can be two. A major new policy in recent years has made it impossible for college students to sit still. Fail the exam make-up pay 10 thousand and 6, you still dare to capricious? So, such charges reasonable!

Is less than

subsequently, a notice of counselors, let her in the fire. The original, from the beginning of this year, with 25 degree no longer issued credit linked, regardless of a few families, as long as there are not through graduation make-up, next year to pay 16 thousand yuan a year tuition.

is less than that, she is just a lesson not through the normal rehabilitation can, and do not occupy other teaching resources, "why should receive one year of tuition?"

is less than that under this provision, she only need to pay a course tuition on the line.

accordingly, less than 16 thousand yuan so they do not have to pay high tuition fees.