Hotel, in our lives, has been very popular with consumers. Today, the hotel’s brand countless, want to venture to join the business, the choice of a good hotel to join, is the first step in the success of our business. Moreover, the hotel investment, brand strength is very important!

let us first look at the general situation of the industry chain hotel capital requirements, compared to more than 6 million of the Home Inns, Hanting hotel chain 8 constant capital requirements, join the pre funding only between 80 and 3 million. From the return on investment, the constant 8 chain hotel 2-3 is also the same period in the shortest time. Compared with other brands, constant 8 chain hotel investment costs are low, suitable for small investors are not sufficient funds. At the same time, constant 8 chain hotel in the hotel industry has a certain status and influence, can be done to ensure that the proportion of investment recovery has a certain stability, the risk is small.

on the other hand, constant 8 chain hotel is the city of the great potential of the development of the hotel to join the brand, the successful operation of more than 200 stores in the successful experience, and long-term constant upgrading of the hotel products. The spirit of "sincere, responsible, happy, professional" service spirit, keep the mutual benefit and common development and win-win cooperation relationship between the constant 8 hotel chain headquarters and the franchisee, in order to guarantee the franchisee profits for all the work of the basic.

for the hotel, the stability of the source is the key to the profitability of the hotel chain after joining. And all the 8 constant chain hotel owners are aware of the group headquarters, professional marketing skills and management support for the store is a constant source of tourists. Mobile Internet era, WeChat query, booking, customer service and other functions to achieve one by one, showing constant 8 chain hotel strong product service innovation and upgrading capabilities. Heng 8 hotel chain to upgrade and change the mode of operation, completely and completely improve the user experience. Consumers only need to open the WeChat mobile phone, pay attention to constant 8 Hotel micro signal, can complete the hotel room, booking, payment and other sectors, both to meet the consumer experience for novelty psychology, increase user stickiness, ensure hotel, hotel also reduced the employment problems, greatly reducing the cost of hotel operations, the largest the hotel chain can protect the interests of franchisees, to ensure profitability.

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