first_img The sky is no longer the limit, now that the first commercial flying car is available to pre-order.In the latest step toward the futuristic utopia of The Jetsons‘ Orbit City, manufacturer PAL-V this week began sales of the Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport flying cars/driving planes.Following successful test programs in 2009 and 2012, PAL-V turned its concept vehicles into commercial products.“After years of hard work, beating the technical and qualification challenges, our team succeeded in creating an innovative flying car that complies with existing safety standards, determined by regulatory bodies around the world,” PAL-V CEO Robert Dingemanse said in a statement.Who doesn’t want to beat the commuter traffic by simply pulling over at the nearest take-off spot and flying to the office? As exciting as the prospect of a flying car is, there are a few things you should know before plunking down a $25,000 non-refundable deposit.Importantly, “it’s not a helicopter” according to PAL-V’s website. It is actually a gyroplane, which is “much safer and easier to fly” than helicopters or small fixed-wing planes, the company said.Just don’t expect a quick escape from the middle of a traffic jam: When the Liberty is in flying mode, it must comply with FAA regulations, which (logically) prohibit airplanes from lifting off on a highway or a street. And yes, you need a flying license.The Dual Mode Sports Vehicle (DMSV)—expected to retail for $399,000–$599,999—does have its perks: After landing, fuel up at the airstrip, or drive to the nearest gas station to fill the tank.“Technology is moving more and more towards avoiding collisions by overruling the pilot’s choices in case of collision risk,” the manufacturer said. “Indeed, it is our belief that not only today but also in the future you will be safer in the air than on the road.”PAL-V will start building a preproduction series later this year, followed by the manufacturing of the first Liberty vehicles for “pioneer” clients. Deliveries of road- and air-certified models are expected by the end of 2018.“This is truly a pivotal time in aviation and mobility history,” Dingemanse said. Go Back to the Future With DeLorean Flying CarBlack Knight roadable aircraft completes first VTVL test flight Stay on targetlast_img