innovative work is to carry out intensive provinces and cities to tighten Gong, the development of new China, all localities should also keep up with the pace. Yesterday afternoon, the mayor of Xinmi environmental science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction work, paving the way for the better development of Xinmi.

2 25 afternoon, deputy secretary of Xinmi Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Hongwei research industrial agglomeration district environmental protection science and technology innovation complex construction, road construction and demolition work, accompanied by city leaders Li Fang, Ji Xianjie, Qi Zhihui, Li Fuan, Zhang Zhiqiang research.

in Environmental Science and technology innovation complex project site, Zhang Hongwei listened carefully to the person in charge of the project on the construction work report.

At present, the main building complex

the relocation task involving key projects, road construction, Zhang Hongwei asked relevant departments to take the initiative as a positive communication with the masses, to do the demolition work in compensation and publicity work, to ensure the completion of the task within a month. The industrial agglomeration area in the construction of the road Zhang Hongwei demanded high starting point, high standard construction, road greening work well before the end of March.


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