first_imgThe Australian Hellenic Council should be dismantled and re-established from scratch, according to the Coordinator for the World Council of Hellenes (SAE) of Oceania and Far East, George Angelopoulos. Mr Angelopoulos granted an exclusive interview to Neos Kosmos English Edition, (NKEE), during his recent visit to Melbourne to take part in a meeting for the organising of the upcoming Panhellenic Games. Amongst other things he talked about the Australian Hellenic Council making scathing comments about the way it operates. “The [Australian Hellenic] Council is run by individuals and not by organisations,” Mr Angelopoulos said. “The Council should hold regular meetings and should represent the wider Greek community,” he clarified. Mr Angelopoulos spoke about the controversy that has ensued after a decision by the Australian Hellenic Council to eject SAE from its ranks. NKEE understands that this decision was reached in a recent meeting that took place in Melbourne with the participation of various Council members, although it has not been officially announced. No specific reasons have been provided to NKEE or to Mr Angelopoulos about the decision. “We know that the Australian Hellenic Council held a meeting where it was decided to throw us out, but all this [developments] is up in the air,” Mr Angelopoulos undescored. “Nobody can be spared in the effort to promote Greek national issues,” Mr Angelopoulos added. He criticised the practice perpetrated by what he called small groups within the Council hijacking the agenda while excluding other people.The Coordinator of SAE Oceania did not hesitate to comment on the recent change of power in the Australian Hellenic Council and the subsequent shift of the organisation from Sydney to Melbourne. It should be noted that the new Coordinator of the Australian Hellenic Council is Patricia Drivas. “The transfer of power is not a hereditary matter.These things happen based on decisions from consensus. Such decisions have not been taken,” Mr Angelopoulos pointed out caustically. Meanwhile, he announced that the financial situation regarding the Panhellenic Games has been resolved. NKEE has reported in the past that the Games had run into financial trouble with the Greek government unable to secure funding. Mr Angelopoulos stated that the Greek government has finally earmarked an amount for the organising of the Games but he highlighted that the most substantial contribution will come from a Greek bank. “The Hellenic Postbank has agreed to be the major sponsor,” Mr Angelopoulos said. It is estimated that the sponsorship amount will be around $80,000 without including costs for the athletes’ gear that will be covered by the Hellenic Postbank [Taxydromiko Tamieutirio].Mr Angelopoulos indicated that the budget of the Games has not been finalised but estimated that it will reach at least $150,000. SAE officials believe that 600 athletes from around Australia will come to Melbrourne for the Games that will be held on November 27, 28 and 29. Mr Angelopoulos said that he will be making further announcements regarding the Games as details are finalised and promised that the organisisng efforts will be transaprent, as he invited media scrutiny in each and every meeting. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img