first_imgBelkin is teaming up with the security experts at Kaprica on a new breed of USB charger. It’s going to provide your Android device with more than just power. It’s also going to keep malware at bay.Kaprica secured $100,000 in funding back in February to develop the Skorpion charger, which is the brainchild of a former Lockheed Martin security researcher. Now that it’s ready to market, Belkin has gotten on board to manufacture and distribute the device.The Skorpion receives definition updates via the connected device. It’s designed to perform a deep scan on a schedule. Once programmed, the Skorpion reboots your device a the set time, and then pulls down its system files and scans them.If trouble is detected, an ominous red LED starts blinking on the charger. The Skorpion can also be configured to automatically flash a clean version of the infected files — should you prefer a hands-off approach to device security.Kaprica plans on supporting additional devices, but that’s going to take a bit of work. Windows Phone and iOS operating system files aren’t as easily accessible, but it’s good to hear that Kaprica is exploring  possibilities beyond Android.How much will Skorpion’s malware-fighting abilities set you back? The Belkin charger is expected to sell for around $65 when it’s released, and definition updates (which is likely where Kaprica will generate profits) will cost $3 or $4 a month.That seems a little steep considering that retail antivirus software for PCs can cost about half that much to keep updated. Norton Internet Security 2013, for example, sells for around $20 on Amazon and includes a year of free updates.Mobile malware is on the rise, however — you can’t even trust innocent-looking USB chargers any more. With more people storing more and more valuable personal data in their phones and tablets there’s certainly a big opportunity for devices like the Belkin Skorpion.last_img