first_imgDoes this sound familiar? Someone asks you to scan a document and send it via email, so you take a photo of it with your smartphone. Easy, right? Well, if you’ve done it before then you know that there has to be enough light, and don’t move or else the image will come out blurry. If you’re looking for an easier (and cheaper) solution, a smart little box designed for this specific purpose has come to Kickstarter seeking funds.The Scanbox, simply put, is a box with a small hole at the top that acts as a platform for your smartphone allowing you to take photos of documents or whatever else you can fit inside the 12.2 x 12.2 x 9.05-inch frame. As well as simplyfying smartphone scanning, the Scanbox can fold down to the size of a standard folder, making it a good travel companion and easy to store on your desk.The Scanbox is held together by strong neodymium magnets, so it doesn’t fold under the weight of your smartphone. It’s also compatible with any smartphone that has a rear facing camera, but the creator, Phil Bosua, claims it has been “optimized” for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.Bosua is seeking only $12,500 of funding for the first production run, packaging, and materials. He has already far exceeded that amount meaning the Scanbox is definitely going to happen.If you’re looking to snag one and back the project, there’s still a $15 option open to receive the standard Scanbox.There’s also a $25 option for the Scanbox Plus, which includes internal lights and a side enclosure to help reduce lense flare and diffuse light.The Scanbox is Phil Bosua’s first successful Kickstarter. Bosua’s other project, which sought to digitally revive Golden Age Comics, failed due to a lack of funding.Read more at Kickstarterlast_img