Japanese dishes you are most familiar with is the sushi, as a simple and unique taste, to a certain extent, can meet the needs of the people on diet nutrition and health, it will definitely have a more popular sushi restaurant sales market. So for those who want to enter the food and beverage industry, you open a sushi shop, a good business will certainly be able to win a favorable market position. So sushi brand project which is more reliable? Xiao Bian recommended for you Machida Zushi.

Machida Zushi is the core of the concept of "inheritance of Chinese food culture" as the core of fast food chain. Enjoy a good reputation and reputation in the consumer, now has 390 chain stores, store environment clean and tidy, stylish decoration, every day for more than 10000 consumers to provide satisfactory service. The company vigorously promote brand sushi specialization, popularization, standard management, provides a unified storefront, shop to shop, VI design, unified standard service procedures, control standard, unified management, unified management, unified training and technical guidance, development and implementation of the examination the optimal domestic system. To ensure the quality of products, the company unified procurement of raw materials, products of uniform distribution, and established the strict health and quality supervision system and quality inspection feedback tracking system, ensure food safety, so that customers feel at ease, rest assured! Machida sushi to join


Machida Zushi why investors will become the preferred project

a stable consumer market

with the accelerated pace of life, China fast food industry development is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain quickly occupied the catering market, more and more people choose to get out of the kitchen and fast food, fast food has become an indispensable part of people’s life, and Machida Zushi is able to meet the cultural needs of the people and the food, but also as snacks in my spare time to taste thus, consumers accept and love.

two, mature simple model

Unified distribution of raw materials

Machida, does not need the traditional food in the shop, cook, etc., and even water case, do not need to complete the kitchen fire need not only 1-2 service personnel can operate independently, so that stores focus on operating the store can simple operation mode, focus on customer service, improve customer satisfaction so, more and more customers repeated consumption, shop business better


three, careful management of low investment risk

from the store site began to carry out a rigorous review and assessment, the maximum risk is excluded in the shop, the operation of each step has strict management processes, each shop has exclusive supervision, responsible for the whole