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join robot education how to choose the location of the training site, we must first clear their business scope and business positioning. If it is a large organization, broad school address may be suitable for you; if it is a small class, some can meet the conditions of the residential areas or near the community will be better; different location, different types of management, selection is also different. Most franchisees will be directed at the nature of the school, to give a more reasonable choice of school address.

many cities in order to facilitate traffic management, in a number of major streets will be set up traffic control, such as one-way traffic, restrictions on vehicle types, restrictions on the passage of time and so on, the site should be avoided in these places. Don’t try to a fence in the middle of the road street shop, because it would limit across the stream of people over, even if you do facade signs eye-catching, on the opposite side of the customer can only hope helplessly shop". Convenient transportation is one of the conditions to choose the location of the shop, the shop near the best bus station, as well as the taxi to the station, etc..

in addition, the shop in front of or near the parking lot should be easy to park or open space, which will be more convenient for customers. With the rapid development of the city, the transformation of the old city is likely to be encountered in the operation, the first place to open a training site to investigate and understand the local urban planning, to avoid the demolition of the "dangerous" areas. In the rental housing, but also to investigate the use of the housing, such as the quality of construction, housing owners have property rights or other debt disputes, etc..

robot education to join the market blank, good business opportunities. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up! Robot education to join the project selection, has the strength of choice, you are still hesitant what?