first_imgNew Delhi: To begin, I have never been accused of corruption or criminal conspiracy, neither have I been put to notice for such acts by multiple or any law enforcing authority, as alleged in your news report dated June 27, 2019. I have dutifully and promptly replied to any query on any matter raised by the department, qua me, and nothing is pending from my side. It is factually incorrect to allege that I was overseeing investigative operations of the Income Tax (IT) department when a search by Kolkata Police brought out documents recovered from Govind Agarwal. Further, attributing my connection with Rose Valley chairman Goutam Kundu is equally wrong as I have been posted in Mumbai since 2015. In addition to this, I have never conducted any search/investigation against any chit fund company, including Rose Valley. All searches by the IT department on chit fund companies were carried out sometime in 2012 – definitely before I joined the Investigation wing of the IT department at Kolkata. Also Read – Ahead of Xi’s visit, China says Kashmir issue should be resolved bilaterally; drops UN referencesFurther, allegations that a slew of documents were recovered from the offices of Govind Agarwal, revealing a long corruption racket, is conjectural and without any iota of evidence. As stated earlier, I share no connection with Goutam Kundu or Subhra Kundu. Further, the allegation that Govind Agarwal was a front man is baseless and sensational. I, along with my family members, have no interest of any nature in any company or firm operated by Govind Agarwal. The allegation that I have travelled with the Kundus and Agarwal to Port Blair is unsubstantiated, as is the allegation that Agarwal has borne the travel and hotel bills for my family and me. As regards the allegation regarding the plot of land at Port Blair, neither my family members nor I have had anything to do with any property in Port Blair. Also Read – Rajnath Singh arrives for Rafale handover ceremony in FranceI don’t know Ranjit Sinha and, therefore, the question of me introducing anybody to him does not arise. I have never visited Astor Hotel with Subhra, as alleged. My wife has never made any purchases of gold from Adrija Gold, again as alleged. It is factually incorrect to say that I have been posted in Mumbai from May 2017, as I had been transferred to Mumbai way back in 2015. The allegation that I have been president of Chirag United, a football club, is incorrect as I have been never associated with any football club. Further, that I have travelled to Thailand in 2015 is also incorrect, as I have not travelled there during or after 2015. The allegation of using shell companies or paper companies to launder money on my behalf is far from the truth – in fact, I have investigated many shell companies, brought them to books and crippled that flourishing industry. Therefore, it is likely that I have made enemies, and it is quite possible that some of them are spreading these baseless canards. Further, that a credit balance of Rs 8.5 crore was found in an account of my minor son is definitely a figment of the imagination. As regards the allegation of investigating corruption by CBI in 2004 is concerned, this was again a case of vindictive complaints and the allegation there was that my wife got a job because of my official position (not of any bribery). The CBI investigated thoroughly and closed the case. This has been duly accepted by the special court of CBI, exonerating me – raking it up here, fully knowing the facts, exposes the vindictiveness of the informant/source. With regards to allegations of reports/files belonging to IT department being found in Agarwal’s premises, I must reinstate that I have been in Mumbai since 2015, after duly handing over charge to my successor. Gathering from the news report, the papers mentioned therein would be in the custody of multiple authorities and thus, to put any allegation on me is far-fetched. Especially because they were found two years after I had already handed over the charge. I have handled extremely sensitive cases while posted at Kolkata and elsewhere, and have made many people unhappy by enforcing the law diligently without fear or favour. In fact, it was on account of certain differences while being posted there that I had chosen, voluntarily, to come out of the investigation wing and Kolkata, much before the complaints or alleged actions by any enforcement agency has been reported – this is well-documented. I take this opportunity to strongly deny all allegations and innuendos made in the news report – they are baseless and without credible evidence.last_img