brand management process will encounter a variety of difficulties, and consumers for the establishment of the brand will be a variety of building, but the company can really meet the needs of all customers? How to build a brand to be more successful?

see customer complaints feedback matters listed, you can not help but frown: queuing time is too long, the background music is too loud, the company can accept the payment card co……. You pick up the phone, ready to convene various departments to start a comprehensive upgrade of the customer experience.

A, with the emotion understanding customer experience curve. How should the enterprise to target customers to create positive emotions and memories, to provide differentiated brand experience? A breakthrough of the traditional method, is to use the "emotional curve", to experience as the vertical axis, with natural time as the horizontal axis, which influence the feelings of the customer sub processes and attributes, quantify the customer in each experience joy and pain the point of contact, each contact point combined with the importance of the customer and the brand value of the important degree, find the key moment in the experience, the goal of resource allocation.

two, create differentiated brand experience. See the emotional curve reveals the customer is not satisfied, you have to distinguish between various sub processes (including the importance of customer and brand value importance), according to the pain points of the different importance of different resource allocation strategies.

China to Starbucks as an example, the customer is not satisfied with the sub process a lot, but the first to find out that the performance is not satisfactory, but also very important to the customer flow. Next to consider what sub processes and attributes for the brand value is more important.

according to this analysis, we can see that the sincere farewell smile, watching and being watched, the professional knowledge of several sub processes of Starbucks Chinese customers and brand are important and need to devote more resources to improve the sub process.

three, find the key point to affect the customer experience. Customer experience as a subjective feeling of customers, has its own rules. We want to create a superior customer experience, but also according to the law to find the key points of resources.

1. maximizes the pain gap. An enterprise should allow the presence of pain points (i.e., customer dissatisfaction points). Any satisfaction and dissatisfaction are relatively speaking, if an experience is satisfied, then the customer can not feel the focus or highlight the brand value.

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