in the Xinjiang area, now the business has been the attention of the local government, but also in the society has introduced a number of policies to help local public entrepreneurs to achieve a business goal, recently, has set up a "Xinjiang love fund".

7 22, "Xinjiang love action" to start cum "Xinjiang love fund" established ceremony was held in the autonomous region of the Communist Youth League hall, which means "Internet plus entrepreneurship" public record mode for the first time landing in Xinjiang.

in June 15th this year, "Xinjiang love action" 0 yuan to open a business partner recruitment activities, has successfully recruited a business partner of nearly 700 people, in these business partners, the proportion of college students accounted for 70%.

the "Xinjiang love fund" was established, not only help to some social entrepreneurs, but also can help some students entrepreneurs, at the same time, "Xinjiang love fund" in the whole social influence is unprecedented.


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