now some shops in order to reflect their own professional, very rare species of goods, in fact, can not attract more customers. 8 years ago, with their own enthusiasm and desire to change the life, I set the store. But when I look at a huge store of goods, just think of the retail sector is utterly ignorant of how helpless.

a day after the store opened, the store came a middle-aged customer. He turned around, to the cashier asked me: "boss, you don’t have a wall switch?"

"this…… No." I kind of feel shy smiled at him.

"hey! I have a wall switch is broken for several days, and would like to take advantage of today’s rest to change, you can find two stores are not. This street, I look at your store, I would like to be here to complete some of the goods. I came in with a lot of hope and I didn’t think you were here." The customer said disappointedly.

looked at the customer to leave the back, my heart is not the taste. At this time, an uncle to buy cigarettes at the side of the said: "young man, you see us on this street stores did not sell electrical hardware products, you such a big store, why not make several shelves to sell these things? Don’t be afraid to make a lot of money, goods are good business premise!"

uncle’s words gave me a lot of inspiration, so I put the shelves to sort out some of the shelves to set up a hardware area.

although such goods as tobacco and non-staple food as demand for large, fast circulation, but the profit is relatively high, the most important is the increase in income at the same time, also let me surprise to see it gathered a lot of popularity for the store. In the next operation, I pay special attention to listen to the views of customers to understand their needs, as long as the customer has a certain demand for goods, I will try to purchase.

slowly, the goods in my shop became rich, and compared with the other shops in the street, the varieties were the most complete. Therefore, the store has been recognized by the majority of consumers, sales are rising. Tasted the sweetness of me, the goods as their own business magic.

, after all, is not a very high professional requirements of the store, which is just a retail store only, naturally, the more goods, the more able to attract consumers. Now, my shop because of the goods in the neighborhood and set up a good reputation. If you can’t buy a commodity and ask people, there will always be someone pointing to my shop, said: "go to his house to see it! If he is not, in the street don’t find!" This really is not afraid, do not make money, not afraid of goods; listen to customers, business in front of.