21 century is an information age, but also a full of business opportunities, the rapid development of e-commerce, but also led to the development of related industries, foreign trade B2C this hidden gold you found it?

is a popular joke in the business circle. The wife asked to do electricity supplier husband: "your company profit?" The husband replied: we are electricity supplier." Wife puzzled: you can profit?" Husband repeat: we are electricity supplier." His wife insisted: "when do you make a profit?" Husband a little impatient, not to say well, we are electricity supplier."

Bongiorni said, "children’s special program really should update the knowledge of geography, Santa’s dwarves and not in the ice covered Arctic workshop to work, but work in at least 7000 miles away from my hometown coast factory." This should be a long time ago in an industry gathering, a foreign trade B2C chiefs lamented – Santa Claus, in fact, has always been chinese".

in the Ministry of Commerce released earlier this year the foreign trade situation China "report", 2011 China foreign trade imports and exports totaled about $3 trillion and 500 billion, growth of around 20%, trade surplus of about $150 billion. Among them, textile products, such as textiles and clothing, footwear,.