now business big guys want to choose tea drinks such as their shop business, because the tea shop has its own broad consumer market, but in the face of so many tea brands, many people often do not know the location where home shop business is good. Today we recommend a worthwhile investment projects – ancient tea tea brand. Now, Wenzhou Guming recruitment,

good opportunity not to be missed!

Wenzhou ancient tea tea stores the rich product line, covering a number of series, so that consumers can always find a love of delicious, and cold and hot milk alternately, all day long sales, so that franchisees throughout the business no off-season. Ancient tea tea stores and specialty drinks, popular series of snow ice series are delicious drinks, fashion and health, mellow taste lubrication, very broad consumer groups.

Wenzhou ancient tea tea shop recruitment requirements:

1, dealers must have independent capacity for civil liability, legal person or natural person, this is the ancient tea tea to reference.

2, capital is the primary condition of entrepreneurship, financial strength enough, the future can develop better. The ancient tea tea franchisees need to have sufficient financial strength, can meet the requirements of investment funds.

3, good credit is the basic shop, people who can open a good store must have a certain capacity. Ancient tea tea has good credit and certain management ability.

4, the choice of shops is also very important, a good store determines the future direction of development. The ancient tea tea franchisees have a good commercial credit and business premises.

5, entrepreneurship, but also need to analyze their own advantages and disadvantages, in order to meet the conditions for faster development. The ancient tea tea business needs to have strong public relations ability and organized various promotional activities of the ability.

6, willing to join, is equivalent to the recognition of the project model and headquarters requirements. The ancient tea tea franchisee must ensure strict compliance with the relevant headquarters management distribution business, credit guarantee, business planning and other aspects of the planning.

tea brand more and more, consumers can choose tea brand too much, but no matter how change, ancient tea tea is still the most popular consumer beverage brands. If you do not act, then you miss is not only a profitable project, you miss a good tomorrow, do not hesitate, and quickly join the message in the bottom of the site to join it!