since the region to carry out the second family cultural arts festival, the twenty mile town women’s Federation carefully arranged to carry out a series of rich and colorful activities to promote the harmony between family and neighborhood.
twenty in the women’s Federation to carry out in the double Pu Zhen Su Bao Cun "love with a land, build a civilized family" as the theme of the tug of war, from two Su Bao Cun to more than 80 people attended the event of intense competition. At the same time, in the village to carry out the "happy home" fun games. The games according to the baby’s age, divided into 4 groups for the game, including "sandbag" and "two three foot", "kangaroo jump", "Caterpillar", "balloon", by the father (or mother) and baby together to complete the games provides a parent-child interaction the platform for the family, let the children experience sports activities to promote children’s physical development, happiness, improve children’s thinking and sensory integration ability, and close parent-child relationship, in the laughter, so that parents and children face challenges together, the common experience of life lies in the movement of happiness. In the small village held the family talent show, there are flowers, singing pop music, with the erhu, let everyone feel full of family happiness, harmonious and optimistic spirit.