The West District of Xining City,

for the further implementation of the fine management service to the mobilization meeting of the decision to deploy, in establishing the fine work concept, master the methods of work, meticulous implementation of fine work measures on efforts to increase investment, set goals, strong management, promoting service and specific action measures, careful planning, and actively build the west district social service management information platform, to build the western social management innovation mode, and further create a good atmosphere of accountability, innovation methods, due diligence work fine, the fine social management implement.

innovative social management new model to build a comprehensive information platform

this year is the province’s social management innovation, the west area is the municipal government to determine the social management information platform construction pilot, West District, the district government attaches great importance to the west district politics and Law Committee led the implementation of the construction of the information platform, learn from foreign advanced experience and practice, combined with the actual West, go to the streets, communities, villages and the area belongs to the unit, the relevant departments to carry out research, held a special meeting to study carefully, and invited experts to review, scientific comparison of several plans for the construction of information platform, puts forward the service information management idea through the practice of argumentation, and put forward the "three year guarantee, advanced five years behind the establishment of the concept, the construction of social service west district management information platform. The platform is based on the 122 grid in the region on the division, one of the three of the six mechanisms (three people-oriented; social conditions and full control, the contradiction to resolve, a full range of services; community grid, information management, service fine; comprehensive management of social service management mechanism, social stability risk assessment mechanism, public emergency handling mechanism, resolve the disputes mechanism, interests expression mechanism, safeguard mechanism of grass-roots social service management) as the core, the establishment of a new system of digital social service management.

to accelerate the comprehensive social service management information platform construction, investment 30 million yuan in Kunlun West District, sunshine city housing, purchase of 700 square meters of information platform at present, the first phase of construction planning has been completed, the internal decoration information center has started construction. For the establishment of a comprehensive information platform has been collecting data of more than 3, 35 staff recruiting information center, information center staff actively take out to learn experience, please come to strengthen the training, at the same time, make full use of the successful experience and the corresponding module of the Beijing Chaoyang District model of social service management system ". In order to effectively achieve accurate, efficient, convenient, full time, full coverage of social service management information platform to make full preparations.

do a good job of comprehensive information platform for the management of social services at the same time, the tiger Taiwan Street area of Party leading the basis of social management innovation, to develop "Chengxi District Tiger Taiwan street social service management integrated information platform implementation plan". In the service management linkage, resource integration and information sharing, enhance the pertinence, initiative and timeliness of the management of social services, the concept of public service, invest 1 million 410 thousand yuan to build the tiger Taiwan social management information service;