Now the lake race is attracting more and more attention about this lake race, the International Cycling Union Chairman Blaine Cookson said, · the organizing committee, many local governments, partners, sponsors and volunteers have been to the world for a wonderful game, but also become the Lake Race occupation driver missed the game.

Blaine ·, said that although the tournament is not the oldest tournament in the league, but has been in the memory of people. Since the start of 2002, the unique multi day race held in Northwest China has been popular and has been considered a missed game by professional cyclists. Every year brings you a thrilling game, exciting duel and unexpected surprise, all this in the beautiful scenery.


introduced the UCI intercontinental tour in 2005, it became a member of the Asian tour. Asian tour tour of 11 countries, and the lake tour is one of the most influential Asian tour in China, one of the 8 events. In the lake race held in Qinghai, the important particularity is high altitude, increasing the difficulty of riding.