In recent years, the municipal Party committee under the leadership of the Xining municipal organs to strengthen the party’s governance capability and advanced nature construction requirements, firmly grasp the service center, the construction team of two major tasks, to implement the "China Communist Party and state organs grassroots organizations work" and "provincial implementation measures", "the implementation of the municipal Party committee the rules" as the focus, with the spirit of reform and innovation, refinement measures, efforts to improve the scientific level of Party building work, to promote the Xining "four development", has played an important role in building livable, leisure and life of the city, the city of happiness goal.

Chairman of the organs of the Party committee of Chen Xiangru

(left two) the work of Party building in provincial organs accompanied with the leaders of the municipal authorities investigation, fully affirmed the Xining party building work practices and effectiveness.

armed with the theory of Party members and cadres mind

has always attached great importance to the central and provincial and municipal important meetings and documents of studying and implementing the spirit, adhere to the theoretical innovation of the party and the central, provincial, municipal decision to deploy a unified party cadres thought and action. Leading cadres through lectures, discussions, expert counseling, investigation and on-the-spot investigation and other forms of organization and carrier, guide Party members and cadres to learn Marx theory deeply, the socialist China learning characteristics of the theoretical system and Scientific Outlook on Development, learn and grasp the latest achievements of Marx’s China. To carry out the situation and policy education, the current situation, the party situation, the situation in the province, city, education, religion and national defense and national security education. This year, in accordance with provincial and Municipal Committee on carrying out project-based learning enhance the ideals and beliefs education deployment requirements, combined with the actual municipal authorities, innovation education carrier, rich forms of education, expand the content of education, organized a visit to patriotism education base, hundreds of new members in the oath, "my side of the story," communist "tour walk into the barracks of national defense education and ten theme activities, so that party members and cadres to receive education in activities, in education in ideals and faith, and lay a solid ideological foundation for the performance of their duties of loyalty.

seriously study and implement the spirit of the eighteen

in accordance with the central and provincial and municipal deployment, to learn good publicity is good, good to carry out and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen as an important political task, give full play to the leading role of the party organization. The organization of Party members and cadres attended the education center, the Central Organization Department, the Communist Party People’s publishing house jointly organized the eighteen report of the party and the party constitution learning knowledge contest, in the party building network opened a column, a contest for link; party organization with the "Chinese eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party documents eighteen report", "compilation of learning counseling questions", for all the party organs issued "Eighteen party constitution learning reader"; the eighteen report, the party constitution as an important content of the municipal authorities Party cadres and party activists into training, to create a good learning;