the arrival of the new semester, through loans, loans, grants and other forms, the city of Xining City, the gradual improvement of poor college students to help long-term mechanism to solve the problem of difficult families to go to school children. Up to now, the north of the city of more than 120 yuan of loans, to help poor college students enrolled in the 270; grant $320 thousand grants to support the entry of 157 poor college students.

to grasp the students credit student loans work, Seongbuk through home visits, field investigation, specification file etc., the student loans to the real needs and meet the requirements of the hands of college students, and according to the Civil Affairs Department of Xining City, the spirit of the document about poor students receive higher education assistance, funded 2000 yuan for poor students the limits of each of the 19 students.

addition, Chengbei District Department of education combined with the "Qinghai investment fund" issued on the area of undergraduate admission requirements, 13 Poor College Students Subsidy 4500 yuan per person; "one family affinity" fund for 5 Poor College Students Subsidy 5000 yuan per person; the North District Population and family planning departments of the 36 urban low-income child double female households and rural students, a one-time payment of 2000 yuan subsidy per person. Currently, there are 157 poor college students receive grants of up to $320 thousand. (author: Peng Nafan health building)