in February 18th, China Environmental Monitoring Station released in January the country’s 74 key cities air quality report, Xining ranked forty-third in the country, ranking first in the northwest of the five provinces. It is worth mentioning that this result is also in the northern city rankings.

January, Xining to fine weather mostly, people enjoy the warm winter sun, many people in the network to share the Xining blue sky became a norm. According to the ambient air quality standards, compared to the whole country, affected by the heating season and dry weather conditions, five provinces and cities in the northwest of the province ranked 5 in the middle and lower levels. Among them, Xining ranked 43, Lanzhou 53, Yinchuan, Xi’an, the 66 place, the 73 place in the world, the. January, Xining PM2.5 monthly average concentration of 62 micrograms per cubic meter, PM10 month average concentration of 112 micrograms per cubic meter, PM2.5 is still the main pollutant affecting the quality of Xining.

in January this year, the weather conditions are extremely adverse circumstances, the air quality in Xining is second to none in the five provinces in the northwest, thanks to the past year, the Xining municipal government in accordance with the principle of "cure", in consolidating the foundation to further increase the stopgap measures through coal-fired boilers from coal to gas, yellow car out, dust pollution remediation, industrial pollution control, grid regulation and other aspects of the comprehensive measures, the full implementation of the comprehensive management. At the same time, increasing the pollution control work in the supervision of inspectors, the principal leaders of Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government to coordinate and solve the existing pollution control line many problems and difficulties in the process of governance, strengthen the responsibility to implement the comprehensive management of air pollution and achieved remarkable results.