In April 1st, the reporter from the Xining municipal health and Family Planning Commission has learned that in order to avoid the child is taking the incident, Xining City Health Planning Commission jointly Xining City Bureau of education schools and kindergartens risks of public health emergencies investigation supervision and inspection within the city. After examination, did not find "medicine garden".

it is understood that some of the kindergartens, directly linked to attendance and the level of income, in order to ensure the attendance of the kindergarten "to improve the resistance by given medicines to children. Recently, Shaanxi, Jilin, Hubei and other places have been broken children in kindergarten after being taken the event, the child’s health and safety concerns caused by parents.

from March 24th to 27, Xining city for foreign continuous kindergarten to the child collective medication incident, in schools and kindergartens risks of public health emergencies investigation supervision and inspection within the city, health inspectors focus on schools and kindergartens management and whether there are groups of children taking illegal organization behavior.

The inspector of

group were randomly selected 24 types of provincial schools and nurseries, for health management, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, canteen and school meals and health, public health, education, health, health education, dormitory health service management and school security protection and to carry out supervision. Inspectors showed that most of the school of health management, health emergency plan, public health emergency management agencies and the system more perfect, the infectious disease report registration, illness absenteeism, drop out, morning check teaching and dormitory health health system basically established, infectious diseases and public health emergencies prevention and control measures of continuous improvement, the nurseries primary school, freshmen have vaccination certificate inspection records, not kindergarten children organize groups of medication compliance behavior found.

Xining municipal health and Family Planning Commission, director of disease control department, said: in the season of influenza, the provincial capital kindergarten mostly through ventilation, ultraviolet disinfection and other ways to avoid the spread of disease. Severe cold children will go home to rest. During the inspection process, we did not find the nursery group medication event." (author: Cai Yawen)