in Xining, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, the three plan of Xining city recently issued, as one of the "three heavy", the financing barriers out a gap, let enterprise financing problems get substantial relief.

July 18th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Finance and Economic Commission and other departments to understand, in order to make fiscal policy, industrial policy and financial policy effectively combined, give full play to local financial funds amplification effect and guiding role, the city of Xining in a full investigation, based on the analysis to the "Xining small micro enterprise loan risk pool fund management approach (Trial)" "Xining City start-up growth of small and micro enterprises finds a way" (for Trial Implementation) "Xining guide venture capital fund management approach (Trial)" and other policy measures to encourage and support small and micro enterprise development, and more measures to support small and micro enterprises to solve the financing bottleneck.

It is reported that

, the three best in the focus on helping at the same time, but also the implementation of classification, step by step support, allow enterprises to step in capital adequacy under the guidance of further, more practical. Specifically, Xining city will be identified by the annual income of 5 million yuan for the enterprise to determine start-up, will determine the years 10 million yuan income for the growth of small and micro enterprises, the establishment of finance, banking, security cooperation mechanism, promote the development of small and micro enterprises. At the same time, Xining will also cooperate with banks, security agencies jointly set up venture capital pool. This year, the initial creation of the scale of Xining municipal venture capital pool is 25 million yuan, of which the government, the security agency invested $10 million each, the matching bank supporting $5 million. Cooperative bank will be in accordance with the pool of funds to 8 times the total amount of loans to enlarge the loan amount of 10 times, for the risk pool fund loan business access list of small and medium micro enterprises, and by Guarantee Corporation to provide guarantees for enterprises. Xining Municipal Finance Bureau will also guarantee the application fee and the guarantee fee of the cooperative bank, and the loss of the loan, the risk compensation. Thus, it will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of financial institutions for small and micro enterprises loans, reduce financing costs, effectively improving the financing environment for small and micro enterprises.

In addition, the city of Xining will also establish venture capital investment mechanism, and guide the development and growth of social capital growth enterprises

. The establishment of Xining venture capital guiding fund, through the establishment of and support for the development of commercial venture investment enterprises, play the leverage effect of financial funds and the leading role, and guide social capital to invest in Xining City, focus on the development of the industry and strategic emerging industries, increase the growth type enterprise investment, promote the quality of venture capital, project, technology and talents to gather in Xining. (author: Zhou Jianping)