June 30th, in order to meet the 93 anniversary of the founding of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee of non-public economic organizations and the City Federation of industry and commerce to promote the construction of non-public economic organizations work experience will be held. At the meeting, in commemoration of the 93 anniversary of the founding of the knowledge contest held by the outstanding individuals and outstanding organizations have been commended.

it is understood that in recent years, the city of non-public economic organizations to individual industrial and commercial households, the professional market and Small and micro businesses to focus on promoting non-public party building work, made new progress and effectiveness, but also the emergence of a number of Party building work is solid and norms, distinctive characteristics of non-public economic organizations. In recognition of advanced, non-public economic organizations of the Party committee of Xining city named Xining dashizhi Department Store Co. Ltd. party 16 non-public economic organizations of the party organization as the "non-public economy organization model of Party building in Xining city". And for the 47 grass-roots non-public economic organizations equipped with audio-visual equipment.

reporter learned that, after nearly a year of combing, the county level two non-public economic organizations work together to complete the Party of the non-public economic organizations of the 245 local management. At present, the city’s 397 non-public enterprises to establish a group of 470 Party organizations, Party members, and sent the party building instructor, the 342.