The morning of August 21st, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, accompanied by the main person in charge of the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua in the city development and reform, finance, planning, construction and other departments, on the part of the construction of key projects in Sea Lake District of inspection and research. Wang Yubo stressed the need to go all out to promote the construction of key projects in the Sea Lake District, so that the sea lake district has become a prosperous, beautiful, livable new city.

Xining cogeneration project for the lake district and the city central heating, Huaneng Xining cogeneration project progress slowly, may affect the winter sea lake district heating. To this end, Wang Yubo and his party made a special trip to the cogeneration project construction site on the field to see, to the person in charge of the enterprise to inquire about the difficulties and problems. Wang Yubo stressed that the provincial leadership attaches great importance to the progress of cogeneration projects, the project is not just a project, but also a livelihood projects, at the same time, the implementation of cogeneration project is the economic and social development in our city, is to build Xining into the life of the city, the city is an important measure of happiness. Wang Yubo requirements, enterprises should strengthen the construction of power, ensure the schedule and quality of construction, must be in before the heating period for the heat, ensure timely heating this winter. Departments should strengthen communication and coordination to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

then, Wang Yubo and his entourage visited the Xichuan Lake Wetland Park, sports center, Lake City real estate development project, and listened to the work report of the lake district management committee. As of now, the Lake District of new Hualian complex has officially started construction, Qinghai Grand Theatre has completed acceptance, Lake Sports Center is a two museums main structure completed, ongoing decoration work…… One of the key projects are planned in an orderly manner. Wang Yubo fully affirmed the achievements of the lake district and stressed that the lake district to go all out, steadily promote the construction of key projects, increase investment, as soon as possible to improve the business circle and business functions, to ensure the basic needs of the residents. Continue to strengthen infrastructure construction in the Lake District, including perfect road network, greening and public services facilities, especially public service facilities to set up and perfect, in addition to the existing schools, like hospitals and other public facilities construction should start as soon as possible. (author: Wang Xiaofang)