According to the national

people infected with H7N9 bird flu joint prevention and control work requirements, to strengthen food safety supervision, the provincial government office of food and drug safety committee recently issued the "notice", the deployment of the province to further strengthen the poultry food safety work.

the "notice" requirements at all levels of government attaches great importance to poultry food safety supervision work, conscientiously fulfill the responsibility for food safety responsibilities, the deployment of human H7N9 avian influenza infection control work, to further strengthen the management of purchasing, processing, production operators and the regulation of avian poultry, poultry and strictly implement the food safety supervision responsibility earnestly pays special attention to the food safety supervision work of the birds. "Notice" clearly in the poultry food supervision departments duties, asked relevant departments to strengthen the poultry farming sectors supervision, severely punished for illegal cultivation, management, transport without quarantine certificates, quarantine unqualified food for poultry or poultry slaughter and quarantine work; ensure into the slaughter of live poultry. The factory (field) before the quarantine rate reached 100%. To strengthen the use of poultry slaughtering enterprises license card management, and resolutely crack down on private slaughter. Strengthen the supervision of poultry production enterprises, and strictly implement the system of cable voucher. The implementation of market operators and the operators of the ground poultry operators, strict access to the quality of poultry market access, to ensure that the sale of poultry meat to 100% from fixed-point slaughtering enterprises. Increase the food and beverage service units to purchase poultry and products inspection efforts to crack down on the purchase of food and beverage units, the use of adulteration adulteration, unknown origin, died, no quarantine certificate of poultry meat and meat products.