November 28, 2013, melodious songs came from the community Cold Lake West District Xining Road, room, this is a day of celebration in the community choir in Vienna Golden Hall "the first international festival in old art colorful sunset" won the gold medal. Chorus to "Pastoral", "half moon climb up" two songs to conquer the foreign audience and the judges of the contest. "This award is the first time in Qinghai." West District Cultural Center staff Wu Yanhong said.

day a choir was founded in 2003, the players are cold Lake Road community residents. Choir leader Jing Fude said the choir to show the cultural characteristics of Qinghai, has participated in a number of public events and cultural exchange activities. Over the years, the west area has always been the cultural construction in a prominent position, to solve the problem of culture for the people to place important schedule to study and solve, in order to meet the cultural needs of the people, better to do cultural Huimin, cultural music people, cultural education, let the people enjoy the fruits of development more and better cultural reform the organization, planning, guidance and carry out a series of cultural activities, and achieved good results, obtained high praise from all circles of society.

adhere to the grassroots, for the masses, to further implement the good cultural Huimin project, to better protect the basic cultural rights of the grassroots people, is the west district for many years in the pursuit of cultural construction goals

with the west district "strong, rich and beautiful city people, social stability" the goal of solid progress, the appearance of the city is undergoing change rapidly changes, more and more people choose to settle down in the west area, enjoy the modernization construction achievements at the same time, more and more people to the pursuit of spiritual and cultural needs as an important part of life. West District government believes that the important content to meet the cultural needs but also to protect the happy life, left the cultural needs and the improvement of people’s livelihood is not comprehensive, quality of life and happiness index will be difficult to be fully protected. Therefore, the system of public cultural services in recent years to accelerate the construction of urban and rural West District, 230 thousand yuan investment in the completion of the 6 community (Village) cultural activities, so that the public and the villagers have a venue; invest 500 thousand yuan for the 5 village is equipped with professional lighting, sound, clothing and other cultural facilities, cultural activities run by the quality continuously improve; invested more than 170 yuan, built 13 farm house, with a million volumes of books, to solve the difficult problem of reading people of the area; support the establishment of various cultural activities in 55 teams, directly participate in community art activities up to more than 3 thousand people. In 2013 the financial district has invested 200 thousand yuan, for 6 performances of mass culture (team) equipped with clothing, musical instruments and other equipment, has been highly affirmed and praised the masses; 8 million 410 thousand yuan investment, the completion of 20 national fitness square, which has become the norm for tangible things, every year to carry out. At the same time, in order to improve the level and quality of community service groups theatrical performances, cultural museum every year to arrange professional backbone into the community, for the community to carry out training and counseling of art lovers, through mentoring,;