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3 easy ways to appreciate your employees

first_imgWhen you’re crushing it at work but you’re feeling unnoticed, you start to feel less attached to your job. If you don’t want your employees to leave for greener pastures, here are a few ways you can show your appreciation for the hard work they do…Say thank you: When you tell your employees that you’re thankful for the work they do, it gives them a sense of worth. Anytime you hear positive things about an employee, pass that information along. You don’t have to throw a party, but hearing that you’re doing good work feels good. It means even more when you find out it came from a coworker or a member.Put them in the right place: Each one of your employees has different motivations. By getting to know your employees on a personal level you can help them work towards their goals and dreams. Help each employee grow in a way that will give them greater value and help them chase their career dreams.Give them freedom: Employees who have shown the ability to handle responsibility should be given the opportunity to make decisions on their own. Help your employees take ownership in the company by investing in their development, so they can grow into the leaders of tomorrow. 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: www.cuinsight.com Detailslast_img read more

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Krešimir Dobrilović, CARWIZ: Today it is not enough to sell a product, but you must provide the user with an experience

first_imgAlso, through the prism of the importance of promoting a tourist destination, the much-needed synergy between all tourist entities in the destination is important. Again, we are stronger together and working on better promotion. As the number of overnight stays increases, everyone benefits, so synergy is key. When we talk about rent a car service, the staff of rent a car company is one of the first contacts with local people, and therefore they are ambassadors of our tourism, a tool for recommendation and sales, suggestions, etc.… Technology and tourism have always gone together, and with the development of the same symbiosis is getting bigger and bigger. What is definitely Carwiz’s differentiation from the competition are the added services they offer to their customers. So they introduced new services and benefits for customers in their cars at Carwiz, and it is a GoPro camera and WiFi service in the car, which is added value. “In a very short time, we expect the transformation of rent a car service, enhanced by switching to electric vehicles. In the slightly distant future, we will have to transform the sector thanks to autonomous vehicles. We are also waiting for the development of leases through various share platforms, which will influence the creation of new types of offers in the car rental industry. This will give users the opportunity to rent a car through this type of business. In today’s age of modern technology, end users are becoming more demanding. They are aware and know what they want. In order to meet their expectations, it is necessary to create a high level of service quality by packaging products, work systematically on technological development of business and business processes, but also continuously monitor technological development and know how to implement it in their business.”Concludes Dobrilović. At the end of the year, as a “proof of concept”, it came from the world’s largest vehicle reservation website  rentalcars.com,  where, according to user reviews, Carwiz rent a car is the best rated rent a car company in Croatia. “Looking at the level of total business performance in the past 2018, business growth was achieved, ie the number of leases in the rent a car segment. Such a business result primarily refers to the increase in airline guests who were the main users of our services in the past years as well. It should be emphasized that the overall growth in the number of tourists is not at the same time an indicator of growth in the car rental business itself. It is known that Croatia is largely a car destination, and such guests do not use the services of our sector. However, as the number of airline guests grows from year to year, this trend is reflected in our business. We expect that the trend will continue in the coming years, while it is up to us to ensure the trust of customers who will choose our services with the breadth and innovation of the offer.”Points out Dobrilović. Krešimir Dobrilović, CARWIZ Carwiz is a relatively young company, founded in early 2017, but in a short time it managed to position itself and expand in Croatia as a leader in providing car rental services. With the opening of the initial six branches, today Carwiz is present through 13 branches in all major cities and major tourist centers in Croatia. From Zagreb in the north, Dubrovnik in the south and Pula and Osijek in the west and east. In addition to the above-mentioned cities, the branches are also located in Poreč, Rijeka and Split, and will soon expand to the global market. Precisely on the topic of connection with tourism as well as whether the record tourist season was felt on the growth of car rental services in Croatia, I spoke with Krešimir Dobrilović, owner of a rent a car of Carwiz, who points out that their air guests are the main users of car rental services and generators of growth through the tourism sector. And Dobrilović also sees room for cooperation in this field, which the cooperation of all entities at the level of the tourism sector is the only right way to achieve a positive result. “Thus, we also cooperate well and are in constant development communication with hotel companies and groups, as well as domestic and foreign tour operators who bring guests to Croatia. With a common strategic approach, we ensure that every guest after leaving Lijepa naša leaves full of impressions that will create a desire to come again, but also ensure that they pass on positive experiences to their acquaintances and thus create new users eager to visit our country.”Points out Dobrilović. They are aware of the importance of destination promotion in Carwiz, and researching the company for interviews, I was thrilled to be under the category of Inspirations in Carwiz promoting our destinations and events, and thus actively involved in the segment of tourism promotion. Also, through the same prism, they see their contribution to the development of a tourist destination in Carwiz through cooperation with various tourist events that are the motive for coming. Thus, one of the first steps was the sponsorship of the recently completed Snow Queen in Zagreb. As info related to Croatia’s direct air connection with emitting markets, the Croatian National Tourist Board’s Market Research and Strategic Planning Department regularly reviews the direct flights and direct air connections of Croatian airports from 12 major emitting markets twice a year, which is regularly updated with new information. I keep emphasizing that the motive for coming is not accommodation, but a tourist destination. That is why it is extremely important that everyone in the tourist chain understands the importance of promoting a tourist destination, and not primarily themselves and their services and products. It is imperative to “sell” the destination, ie to give a good enough motive for the guest to come to it, and only then comes the consumption and consumption of all other services and products offered by the destination. So in the case of ren a car services. “Our goal is not just to expand to the region. This way I will give you a little exclusive regarding our business plans. This is a business achievement by which we will establish contractual relations for the placement of our brand on the global market at the end of the month. Our ambitions are not small and we think big accordingly. We want to be one of the leading drivers of integrating the number of tourist arrivals in Croatia. At the local level, we will continue to work systematically on business stability, technological innovation, market strengthening and awareness of the availability of car rental services. In addition to the systematic improvement of all sales channels with an emphasis on strengthening the web platform, our priorities will be quality staffing and education of our employees.”Points out Dobrilović, and emphasizes that only through satisfied and professional staff can we achieve the desired achievements. The main factor associated with tourism when we talk about car rental service is certainly the best possible air transport, ie direct air connections with emitting markets. It was this segment that achieved great growth last year, and Croatia has never been better and better connected. Last year, a record tourist season was achieved, and since tourism is not one industry, but connects various industries vertically and horizontally, so various industries directly benefit from tourism. One of them is certainly the car rental market, which has been growing from year to year for a couple of years. Find out more in the attachment. Last year, Rent-a-car companies lobbied for the rent a car service to be included in the new amendments to the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism, and the campaign bore fruit. When asked what this means for the current development of car rental services, Dobrilović points out that any law that burdens business is not good for the sector, including this case. “Thus, until recently, certain legal aspects were insufficiently in line with the conditions that allow for improved business. Through quality communication and cooperation with the competent authorities, the rent a car industry has managed to find a common language that has resulted in the adjustment and change of the legal framework. That this decision is correct will be clear in a very short time when analyzing the achieved numerical and financial indicators. I personally welcome the readiness of the institutions for dialogue and respect for the sector’s need for corrections. Only such two-way communication is possible to achieve improved business conditions that will result in a positive impact on our sector, and consequently on the domestic economy.”Said Dobrilovic. “Surely. Modern tourism is based on a quality DMC where rent a car must give its all in the true sense of the word. Thus, we daily analyze and get involved in events that ensure an increase in the number of tourist arrivals, and consequently the promotion of our tourist offer. In addition to the Snow Queen, this season we have a dozen other events planned throughout Lijepa naša, which we will use our support, knowledge and offer to try to help achieve the set results. Our tendency is for the tourist result and offer to develop well in less developed areas such as Slavonia. It is for this reason that we have opened a branch office in Osijek, which will contribute to the desire to make continental tourism one of the main driving forces of this region.” Announcements for this tourist season are positive and are expanding day by day and opening new airlines. And companies in the car rental segment where airline guests are certainly looking forward to this news are one of the main generators of demand for car rental services in tourism. Today, Croatia is in a favorable position due to the positive perception and trend, which indicates that Croatia is a desirable destination, Dobrilović believes, and adds that such a trend should be built and supplemented from season to season. “If we lurk in complacency, it will not be good. Therefore, we at Carwiz, and taught by knowledge from leading tourism fairs such as WTM, will continue to complement our offer and keep the trend I mention with constant development. If such an approach is maintained by other entities in the tourism sector, then there is no fear for tourism. It is important to emphasize that such an approach must be followed by the competent institutions, which with their measures, incentives and legal corrections must not be a burden but a quality partner of the business and tourism sector.. ” Direct air connection Ryanair has confirmed that it will open eight new routes to Zadar Airport in the new season, from the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Germany, and two new connections to Rijeka Airport, London and Manchester. Also, flights to Dubrovnik and Split from Dublin have been announced, four times a week since June. The outcome in which others follow us, and not others, is an indicator of Carwiz’s strength and market position, Dobrilović points out and adds: “From the very beginning of our business, our foundation was the tendency to create a better and more meaningful offer. Today, it is not enough to sell a product, but you must provide the user with an experience. That is how we work every day to improve our offer. We are based on new technologies and global trends that are becoming an integral part of life, both younger and all other generations. Our offer is, I would dare say, a driver of market trends. This is evidenced by the fact that the competition often follows the sales and content trends that we set and in large numbers implement our ideas and innovations in their business. We are primarily proud of this because we believe that the outcome in which others follow us, and not others, is an indicator of the strength and market position of Carwiz.. ” Carwiz at the WTM Tourism Fair in London In the end, the future of car rental services is bright, believes Dobrilović, mostly in the segment of switching to electric vehicles and share platforms. last_img read more

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