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said I hate eating out once is a variety of snack noodles that taste all seem the same, perhaps even the most love to eat the Shanxi people will be tempted to trinidad. It would be a good thing for the northern children to eat rice and seafood, and not to eat the "taste" of noodles. I recently heard that the catering sector out of a great thing, Jack small seafood braised shark make everyone crazy, amazing, so you can eat noodles originally, then everyone have a new pursuit, if this is the seafood "every day we are willing to see, taste every day". Shark Jack small seafood pasta fashion to the floor a mediocre war, like the classic tribute!

Jack small shark seafood floor preferred small seafood ingredients, clam, squid, conch as flavoring ingredients, seafood meat is delicious, nutritious, high protein, low fat and easy digestion and absorption by the body, as well as a variety of vitamins and medicinal ingredients. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other trace elements necessary for the human body, we can often see the figure in the snack bar on the street in the summer. Now let Q small shark Jack seafood braised elastic smooth noodle to y absorb the essence of small seafood, delicious infinite that is absolutely delicious, each noodles have the taste of the sea, watching people drool with envy!

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