we know that diatom mud is a very environmentally friendly material, and now many shops in the market are sold. When the decoration of the choice of high-quality diatom mud, can make the room more stylish aesthetic. In addition, diatom mud is more important that it has unparalleled functionality of other wall materials. The function and strength of diatom mud directly determine the value of diatom mud. So how to identify the real diatom mud is essential.

The main component of

in order to allow consumers to buy genuine products from the diatom mud, Gary diatom mud identification method is simple.

1, look at the proportion, the lighter the better. The person in charge of the Nobel Gary told reporters, the proportion of light diatom mud is better than the major diatom mud.

2, look at the proportion of water. Reconcile to add water, the ratio is close to 1:1 the best; from a practical point of view, if the water is less than 0.5, indicating that the content of diatomite is very low.

3, or to directly model sprinkler watering can spray water more quickly more, indicating diatom mud respiratory function better, and respiratory function is the basic function of diatom mud; here is a very simple operation method is used; girls often perfume bottle with clean tap water, repeatedly sprayed on diatom mud sample that attention is repeatedly sprayed in the same place model, if you can quickly absorb moisture is proved to have respiratory function. Here can also be judged by how much the number of times to determine the intensity of diatom mud breathing function, usually more than thirty times the quality of diatom mud. If the water is very little, it shows that the diatomite content is low or the diatomaceous earth micropore is blocked. After pouring water or water, hand to touch, poor diatom mud, will drop powder or fade. After the dry, poor diatom mud will leave traces or fade.

4, with a flamethrower to the diatom mud model. High quality diatom mud can fire retardant, insulation material, high temperature resistance of 1000 degrees celsius. Fire difficult to fire, no smoke, no smell.

5, observation of diatom mud surface. High quality diatom mud feels soft, like pine. Poor diatom mud feels rough, like cement and exterior sandstone.

6, observe the surface texture of diatom mud effect   high quality diatom mud construction convenient, strong plasticity, texture is very soft. Poor diatom mud construction prone to formation and shedding, uneven color, texture hard.

7, reusable. High quality diatom mud in the production of a large number of water on the surface of the wall after the restoration of the mud, the use of simple tools can be very easy to shovel out, shovel off after mixing, can be recommended on the original wall