usually see a lot of white-collar workers every day is very regular work, but they are really satisfied with the life now? Many of them struggle every day because of their meager income, not to see the future. While some people choose to give up this life, but resolutely choose entrepreneurship.

then turned her attention to the garment industry. In 2012, her clothing shop opened, this time, she learned the previous experience, select a more prosperous area, and start with a discount and a variety of ways to attract customers, but serious extrusion and online shops in the homogeneity of products, women’s clothing store survival difficult. By the end of 2012, she had no choice but to close the store.

At this moment

inadvertently browse the web, Ms. Wang saw the news that a company, one of the staff in the office of sudden cardiac death, only 24 years old! There are rumors on the Internet before the death of the workers have been working overtime for more than and 30 hours, overtime for more than a month". Some netizens sigh: sincere work, the higher the price of life! Do not finish the work, stop a stop, run the future, on a slow, stay some spare time to yourself. It is in vain to exchange everything for health. See this news, confirmed Ms. Wang joined the o2time aerobic time health care center determination, she can not see more young life, because of excessive fatigue, and the loss of precious lives, even if it is to do a little contribution to the society, not worth mentioning.