In fact,

in the economy there is a phenomenon that, if the market as an ordinary consumer, common in your life is what it shows catering, this project is popular in the overall market, sales volume is relatively high. And not because it’s common. The dough like this humble snack brand. We all know that the most famous Shaanxi cold noodle or cold noodle, and with the rapid development of catering franchise market, cold noodle has become the ten largest snack food to join one of the so hot dough also won numerous consumers welcome and blitz.

Hanzhoung dough catering stores, no signs of gorgeous to Menlian and wake up, a lot of famous pastry catering stores, even signs are not. There is a small restaurant to join the stores and signs of a stack of steamer, according to my observation, the steamer Lei higher that the food stores the business better, the no name of small food stores, food steamer Lei out nearly a high, the business was very good! Is the seasoning have knowledge, the main ingredient is fresh fried chili oil, plus a small amount of vinegar, salt, a small cabbage, and side dishes (usually bean sprouts and potatoes, these optional).

How hot

Hanzhoung dough?

Hanzhoung has "face complex". Travel, study, work outside the car, he returned to his hometown, eagerly took the dough stand, ran up, just put a pile of luggage, eat one or two bowls. With the enjoyment of the tongue, all out of trouble as well as the kind of deep nostalgia will disappear.

Hanzhoung dough can be divided into two major schools, bold faction and graceful. Location haofangpa is hot dough, characteristics of cut wide, pepper to pepper seeds, complete all kinds of seasoning is complete, seasoning water more, eat a little sweating slightly, fully and delightfully, like a pig eating ginseng fruit. On behalf of the east school night market Zhang Mingfu, Zong Ying Zhou BA Xiang, Xing Han Lu Education Village, an old stadium, Chiang Jiang Jia Hong import.

graceful dough to cool the root, such as fine silk, crystal clear, pepper, spices Seiko xizuo, with white, thin, light, soft, thin and soft, ductile, fragrant characteristics, fresh taste, aroma, fragrance overflowing. On behalf of the East Gate Bridge Tower, nine plate dough Huang, Qianjin Road snack food street to join Wang, Zhongshan Street Deng Chenggu flavor.

hot face how? No matter what genre, the mix dough dishes must pay attention to color, bean sprouts, spinach, red radish, cucumber silk, to be matched red and green, yellow and white mutual contrast, bright color, is very good to hear or see.

such a good snack item is very suitable for small investors