4 billion this is how a staggering figure, and this figure is based on the accumulation of a dollar accumulated. Who would have thought, by a dollar a pack of pickled mustard tuber, Fuling mustard group sold more than 4. Who can think of selling a dollar a pack of pickled mustard tuber, also can become a billionaire. The whole network and the small series with a look behind the huge assets of the miracle.

prospectus read: Zhou Binquan, 48 years old. Reporters in front of him, no significant age. Often talk to excitement, even dancing.

he too can McCain, so that reporters often have the feeling, often do not know how the word string. So casually asked the sentence: "what is the secret of your evergreen?"

industrialization make only superficial changes in mustard

Zhou Binquan this life with the capital market is the one.

shortly after, Zarva technology all the way down, after wearing ST, *ST, S*ST hat, until the suspension. For the "old master" unfortunate fate, Zhou Binquan has never publicly evaluated carefully conceal mentioning. But no doubt, this experience influence on Zhou Binquan is not a small one by one in the white Fuling mustard at the beginning, Zhou Binquan had a dream: the Fuling capital market

send a gilded signboard!

is to take revenge, or to dream, only Zhou Binquan knows. However, this dream, at that time, it is so unrealistic, pickled mustard can not be on the table, and the company has been on the brink of loss.

The first fire to burn

reform funds come from?