the following three station I was to find out the three industries ranked first in the station. The station has a common characteristic is that the station optimization in general, but the chain ah. And the message board is uniform. I followed some of their anti chain, because want to do in the flesh the valley brother included the chain, found that some places even have hundreds of messages, I really do not know how to think of the valley brother, so the chain was also counted. Finally still didn’t follow up. My heart anxious, I really want to have a few hands. Sending bulk software is not used. Just want to optimize do good. Slowly build chain.

recently, I have an action, I wonder if these stations will not guarantee ah, always feel that Shu Shu is right, life should be low-key, do optimization, but also low-key. This is like some of the insects in the ZF, looks very moist. The day after X. will be out to do so, heart Ping. To is to withstand the temptation. This is not just for people who try SEO or SEM,.