I’ve always wanted to be a local portal, and for a variety of reasons, I haven’t been able to take the first step. I watched the city where one portal was born, recently the idea once again jumped out, so much thought, exactly what do local portal station? Then the local investigation and analysis of several local portal station types.

1, local official network

this is ruled out first, because ZF is ready. In addition to the local ZF network, there is a local news network, which is usually the head of the local publicity department.

2, local integrated information network

is currently the personal webmaster involving most of the local station type, general domain name is the telephone area code and local postal encoding or Pinyin, to see that this is a local portal, is the main content of local news and information, convenience services, supply and demand information, and the following are a popular forum. Because this kind of website capacity is big, has the development potential very much, therefore does many people, the competition is very big, do not forget, the local telecommunication department also can make one kind of this kind of website, usually calls such and so hot line. At this time, the first impression of the advantage is reflected, especially in forums, once the popularity is very good, the competitors behind without special means, it is difficult to win popularity. Is it not the case for the latecomers, and it is not, but it is very difficult. Sometimes suddenly emerge a new local information network, but in addition to the page looks better, in fact not what popularity, specious. Considering that the local websites are saturated, I decided not to join in the fun.

3, local site navigation

The next step is to place the

site navigation, as the local portal site navigation station can take local websites together to provide high-quality Internet navigation services for local people, its importance is self-evident. Ordinarily this people do more, but also a place when people do, then do second have what advantage. However, I haven’t been located in Zhangjiagang City, some websites and forums I often go to the local, familiar with the website, do not know can through Baidu and other local portal Links find, simple to consider the feasibility, since Zhangjiagang does not have site navigation station, then do it.

4, other

, some can barely be called a local gateway, such as local villagers network, local dating network, and so on. In the final analysis, belonging to the community of things, set the forum and game features.

after selecting the theme of the website, here is the selection space and domain name. I chose a good reputation of space providers, so that you can guarantee the access speed of the site, if a web site to open very slowly, it is estimated that no one will go to use. As for the domain name, I have considered for a long time, and finally confirmed www.zjg123.cn, ZJG is ", Zhangjiagang ", Pinyin abbreviation, locals look!