, especially when Ma Jiajia, "after 90 girls selling spice products" heat has not passed, but also to sell a condom 90 youth, and the top of the "millet model" hat. The so-called millet mode refers to the elephant condom is only a product, not only online sales and distribution channels, "get the lowest threshold of most users," Liu Kenan explained his understanding of the Internet thinking". < >

do not know after you read the story above what kind of idea and know what for Taobao customers? Someone has said not to do Taobao customers, not to make money, which I recognized, before Taobao guest didn’t do so well, Taobao is not really like Ma Yunna said.

As soon as

before the launch of the product, one of the first thing the elephant did was to become famous. The new brand can quickly have an innate advantage in popularity in the Internet industry: young people, start-ups, projects, and sex.

lead: from a seemingly "unreliable" starting point, to go to the most need "fly" in the field, how elephants in a short time to quickly build awareness

when the boss is a big idea of subversion, not only to the big blow, but in the small office that he showed, is a seemingly ordinary but very wonderful billboard: "this store has the best tailor in the street", this card appeared, immediately attracted a burst of applause sound.


once upon a time, in Paris, France, there was a young artist who used to paint behind closed doors. He was very short of money because of his lack of fame. One day, he was in an alley ditch, found a pair of people away worn high-heeled shoes, he felt like a sensitive, was the fate of abandoned in the sewers. Unfortunately, when he bowed meditation, on his past life quickly made a reflection, then disillusioned, then and he made a surprise move to the passers-by – shoes in the bosom to catch a place.

do not have much advantage in brand, price, channels, the elephant want to enter is most in need of reliable degree: compared with other daily consumption of products, "the matter of human life, the condom looks more emphasis on brand recognition. In the first step in shaping the brand, the elephant condom was chosen quickly by market awareness. With Sequoia Capital chairman Wang Cen’s words, after 90 entrepreneurs generally play is to do marketing, reverse, and then do the integration and exploration of the industry chain.

after the use of condoms to open a certain market visibility, in May of this year to complete the A round of financing the elephant is more described himself as a "daily FMCG company, not only launched the 2 product upgrading, the team is also exploring other elephants or sounds nothing of what the relationship between products, and then determined to launch the APP community, in addition to the online mall will bear similar to the young people community function. Founder Liu Kenan said, the team is also constantly trying, "do not try, we do not know, and finally what products will be launched."".

– the immediate adversary is the real adversary; the real question is the most significant one. This is the gist of the tailor’s mind. Only when we deal with practical problems seriously can people really improve their situation.

90 entrepreneurs, adult goods market, and Internet thinking can not be separated from the relationship between the millet model". At the beginning of this year, when the elephant condom was loaded with these labels, they appeared in the market. How much did it mean: only one product, only online channels, and pricing was more expensive than similar brands.

in the UK, this is a story that is known to every family, a street in London, there are three tailoring shop, fame is not small, in order to attract attention, attract more business, three tailoring shop owner, in his shop front lit a billboard. At that time, the billboard, which was the first to hang out, read with such a big headline: ‘we have the best tailor in london". Another boss, afraid of losing money, immediately hung up a billboard of the same size, and wrote, "we have the best tailor in England."".

entered the room, he could not wait to do the work on the shoes. He painted his face. He decided to break it into art, and cut the worn shoes into facial masks.

earlier this year, I have had a chat with Liu Kenan, then the Internet thinking that normalizing, but apart from a few products and concepts, we did not talk more stories, so there is no writing; half a year later, I and Liu Kenan and their CEO Zhao Chuan talk time, in the first the media attention after the heat in the past, this time I want to know, as now the limelight Masamori 90 entrepreneurs as a member of the elephant team and how to understand their product and audience.

sees this, people think that the third cloth shop owner, will hang out such signs, content should be ". This store has the best tailor in the world".


every product should be a social product,

then, he this industry, a few years, the various old thousands of shoes, into every kind of Facebook art, satirical comical, needle blink the ills of politicians, priests, nuns have, have children…… Work pays off, these distinctive artwork, gradually attracted the attention of the people, on several occasions in Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Zurich and other places of exhibition, each piece price also rose to more than $3000. Therefore, he was called "Xielian wizards". Each of his old shoes and facial make-up is unique and has its own "soul"".