brand, connotation, image. such as shlf1314

5, in addition to individual circumstances, foreign union rarely K number, usually refused to pay commission or freeze accounts as punishment.

two, online advertising billing terms commonly used terms:

, Chapter 1, basics,

user experience good enough?. for example, easy operation

4. superior operating experience. 2 sites can be said that the experience is a key factor in winning you can, after all their strength than traditional giants, so to attract users, can only rely on the services and features, emotional breakthroughs, give users the best experience. If the first impression you can not grab the user’s heart, perhaps you will never lose this user.

user experience mainly covers these aspects:

operation simple?. such as

interface beautiful?. such as Digg,

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4, for the present domestic advertising alliance love deduction amount deny you the part of the promotion achievement is not the problem of money, so I understand: the first is because most of the webmaster promotion is cheating or induced by the way, will cause a lot of abnormal data, so advertisers not return to this part of the certification results. Secondly, at present some alliances are not very formal, and there is a serious deception. This should find a formal alliance to do, and later I will cite the current more reliable advertising Union;

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3, the domestic advertising union usually adopts the RMB weekly payment or monthly payment, and the payment method is usually transferred through bank. Daily payment is generally done SP mobile advertising business alliance. Note that payment will be deducted from personal income tax according to the provisions of the state, or you say wrong others will then pay deductions.

1. business fundamentals. Do what is good, the ultimate goal is to profit, so the business background, business environment, business model, profitability is to be fully prepared, if it is blind to do a 2 interest in the polymerization site, he to do exactly what the future? At that time do not want to regret for. Positioning determines the development, the choice of commercial potential of 2 sites, then the chances of success will be much higher.

5. mobilize the enthusiasm of users to share. This question is also what I’ve been thinking about lately, and why users share their experiences, their resources, and I’ve summed up some of them.

3. resources for entrepreneurship. There is a threshold to enter any field, just the difference between the high and low, and the same in the Internet field. Teams, technology, funds, connections, media, social relationships, industry resources, see how much you have. Don’t think you can make a website and wait for users to contribute. That’s a delusion. What you have to do early, website development, server maintenance, promotion, website editing management, website data filling and so on. Figure out how much resources you need to make in that area, and drop your resources on paper.

in the past year, 2 websites have developed rapidly, and 2 websites have mushroomed and flourished. On the way, I also want to talk about my thinking about the 2 business.

1, CPA >

functional enough?. such as Flickr

1, you have to have a website first, because many alliances have to check the site first, and then the type of your website determines whether you can successfully apply for advertising. Most of the good union must be their own website, the alliance will ask you to add code to the web site for verification, and advertising must be put into your application for advertising on the site, on the other station is invalid. However, some alliances or advertisers don’t require advertising code to be placed on any site;

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1. Entry points and details of the domestic advertising alliance:

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2, advertisers are advertising budget and advertising time, such as an advertising promotion you will find only less than a month or less time to stop, that advertisers run out of money or feel the effect is not good to stop advertising. And you have to find another way, since shlf1314 began inhibition after those online packaging projects for the domestic league you have to be careful.

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benefits users and benefits themselves. for example, points can be changed for prizes

focuses on: CPA&, CPL, CPC, CPM, CPS, and more on the forum’s commonly used term for web advertising pricing models,

speed and stability. such as watercress

2. plates should be big enough. Not necessarily to find a unique field of hands, and generally can not find, if no one entered, do not be too optimistic, there may be no place to develop, so we do not enter. To do, looking for a mature industry, cake to be large enough, competitors are not afraid, the market segments always have your space to live. If the plate is too small, then you eat the whole cake, there is not a small piece of cake.

occasionally I would meet someone who asked me if I was a liar, and then I felt very puzzled, I never received money, two I do not figure you return, three free answer questions, there is nothing to cheat. Then an understanding to know these people spend money to buy those so-called cheated one after another, so he thinks that this Wangzhuan engage in training are liars, so please yourself, do not understand can ask in the forum or send me sms message, I do not want to see a new subject against the loss of confidence, resulting in distorted understanding of the entire network;