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last week, Toytalk received $11 million 500 thousand in venture capital from Charles Rivers Ventures. In addition to the new round of financing, the company also received $4 million 500 thousand investment, the total amount of financing reached $16 million.

in 1991, the Internet gradually spread in China, Li Xingping’s hometown of Xingning county had the first Internet cafe. Since then, Li Xingping has been hooked on the internet. Later, he simply found a network management work, all day in the Internet cafes, and their favorite network.

compared to "talking Tom cat" series of applications, Toytalk is no longer a parrot, but have their own thinking, can really communicate with their children. Artificial intelligence technology experts that thanks to the behind · Morse Ben Morse and speech scientist Blaine · Brian Langner; Langres, script writer Catherine · Hal Kathleen Hale.

· Jacob Oren Jacob founder of great background. He used to be the chief technology officer of Pixar Animation Studios, involved in the production of animated films, Nemo, and toy story 2. Toytalk chief technology officer Martin · Reddy Martin has served in the SRI company, and it is SRI developed personal voice assistant SIRI, after Apple acquisition.

Toytalk hopes that through artificial intelligence technology to make toys to more vivid, humane, interactive direction.

Abstract: hao123, find the URL, ip138, query IP or domain name address, these websites have common characteristics: concentration, single, function clear, and meet the needs of the public. It is these characteristics, achievements belong to the legend of Li Xingping.

let him out of poverty and mediocrity, becoming China’s first webmaster, became one of the Internet legend.

opens is a blank, jump any web site need to enter complex web site, is a very troublesome thing.

at that time, Li Xingping would never have thought of his experience as a network administrator and changed his life trajectory.

with the development of artificial intelligence technology, Toytalk may want to learn many tricks, not only do the patient to answer the curiosity of children, even able to impart some knowledge in the entertainment and recreation.

Li Xingping is also "someone else’s child", not because of how excellent, on the contrary, Li Xingping graduated from junior high school drop out, go home farming.

recently, a company called ToyTalk attracted a lot of media attention. In the company profile, Toytalk calls itself the RealNetworks Home Entertainment Inc, which wants to create entertainment with roles and conversations". From a product preview video, Toytalk hopes to use artificial intelligence technology to make toys to more vivid, humane, interactive direction. As long as the children put their toys in front of iPad and then turn on the Toytalk application, they can give the toy "life" and "intelligence" to communicate with themselves.

also has Li Xingping, who has no background or educational background. He is a farmer, a family, and a man who works hard on his own.

in 1979, Li Xingping was born in a peasant family in Xingning County of Guangdong province.

at that time, the Internet is still a very money burning thing, and many people waste their time and money in the process of finding websites.

other people’s children,

now, you can click on a browser and jump out of a web navigation page, which has most of the sites you want to visit.

, one of the legends created by the Internet,



has Bill Gates, a genius who drops out of school early and does not take the road;

finds Internet opportunities in grassroots groups

is perennial steeped network, a lot of Web site by heart Li Xingping, also often feel the Internet is not convenient, not to mention those people just contact network.

at that time, the interface to the mainstream browser IE was this:

so Li Xingping thought of a solution. He designed a website of his own, and then put him on

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has Robin Li, a graduate of the country’s top universities and further studies abroad, "turtle elite";

1999, the Internet in China is still in the embryonic stage, Internet users are white, for a large number of resources on the Internet do not know how to use, and perennial in the Internet bar in the rotation of Li Xingping found this problem.

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